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The Fear Of Church

The Fear Of Church                        
by Rev. George Burkinshaw               
II Timothy 4:2  A good mother would never stop preaching to her children because it upset them or hurt their feelings.  She would continue because she loved them, compelling them to do wright.  Remember it is an immature nature that most often resists doing right.
The faithful and loving man of God is commanded do likewise with God's word.  His duty is to compel me to honor, morality, truth and salvation.  The purpose of preaching is not to look down on those in sin but to help those in sin to overcome the weakness of human nature.  Good Bible preaching then will draw a solid and clear line between right and wrong, good and evil; and exhort men and women to choose correctly.  Teaching is what I love most as a pastor.  It is the explanation of preaching or the explaining of Bible doctrines.    Preaching says "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery." Exodus 20:14.  Teaching explains why adultery is bad.  As a pastor I prefer to teach the Bible over preaching the Biblical doctrines, since teaching does not offend the immature nature as quickly as preaching.
Yet, the forsaking of preaching by most modern ministers is what has given us so many selfish, inconsiderate and obnoxious people to contend with in our society today.  Biblical preaching purifies and is needful, while teaching educates and is desired.
At Calvary almost every Sunday morning there is a Bible study, followed by Bible preaching.  Every Wednesday night there is a Bible study and on Sunday evening we often have a mixture of both, with a tendency toward teaching.  If you wish to learn about God and is word, but feel that you are not ready for preaching yet, I recommend that you attend Sunday evening service or Wednesday Bible study first to learn God's word.  Remember it is Bible preaching alone that develops your personal character for the service of God.
At Calvary there is no need to allow apprehensions or fear of obligation to keep you from learning about God.  Yes! there most definitely are obligations involved in church membership, just as there are obligations in joining the fire department, the Elks club, or a little league baseball team.  If you attend the field days or a baseball game as a visitor, the only obligation you have is to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner.
While shouting and yelling are warranted at field days and baseball games, church attendance falls under educational guidelines, so all that we expect of those in attendance is to have consideration for others attempting to learn.  Questions are answered by raised hands and disruptive behavior will be addressed for both adults and children.  The church is a place of higher learning and reverence.
We place great value on many organizations of merit.  Only the Church prepares a soul for this life and the life to come.
We provide a nursery for children up to five years of age and recommend that all children eligible for the nursery attend the nursery for their benefit and the benefit of all others present.  Your young child may not be burdensome to you, but they can be very disturbing to others about you.  You child once accustomed to the nursery and its toys, will soon prefer the company of playmates to the adult oriented Bible Study.  By the age of five good parents should have their children trained enough to sit through a church service with minor fidgeting.
Do you want to learn about God and the Bible?  Come to Calvary and learn for yourself.  Our doors and hearts are open to all who wish to learn of God.