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Basic Lesson 5

Basic Bible Lesson5
“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  II Timothy 2:15
BAPTISM – Part 1 Beginning of Obedience
I. In the Scriptures there are seven baptisms found.  Six are like figures or pictures of the one true baptism.                  Ephesians 4:5
The word baptize comes from the Greek word Baptiso which can mean to dip, to immerse to sprinkle.  The definition of the word is defined by the context in which it is found.

II.  The first baptism we find in the scriptures is found in I Cor. 10: 1,2
     A. The first baptism is that of a nation at its birth as it passes through the cloud in the red sea.
III. The next baptism we find is in Matt. 3: 11

This is the baptism of John; it was a water baptism of full immersion
The purpose was to manifest the Lord Jesus

IV Our Lord’s Baptism is being the recipient of God’s wrath.  Matt. 20: 22
Since Jesus had already been baptized by John, there is no reason to suspect a water baptism.
The reference can only pertain to the cross and this is clearly revealed in Jonah 2, for Jesus himself declares that Jonah is the picture of his death and resurrection.
In the book of Genesis when God sent his wrath on the world, he sent a flood.

V. The baptism of a nation after the crucifixion.    Acts 2: 37-38
     A  In Acts chapter2, we are no longer dealing with John’s baptism to Israel before the crucifixion, but with
         Simon Peter’s after the crucifixion.
     B. This baptism is not for an individual on his way to hell, but for a nation that has crucified its Messiah. 
         Verses 36 & 37

Believer’s Baptism – Acts 16: 30,31
Not the question in verse 30
Note the answer in verse 31-32
Notice that in Acts 2:37 the question is what shall we do and in Acts16:30 the question is what shall I do.

VII. The one true baptism.    Colossians 2:8-13
When a man accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, the individual receives a spiritual operation by God through faith.
That is his soul and spirit are cut free from his body; this is spiritual circumcision and then the Christian is spiritually buried with Christ and raised with Christ.  The old man having been put off (the flesh) and the new man resurrected in newness of life (the spirit).  Rom. 6:3-8
This operation gives a new and living spirit, and our eternal security; for we are now said to be in Christ and Christ in us. Col 3:3-4, Col. 3:11, Phil 3:9

VIII. Baptism of fire.  Matt. 3:11
The context of verse 12 clearly reveals the baptism of fire; it is eternal damnation in the lake of fire.  Rev. 20:15

Seven baptisms – one, the baptism of Moses; two, of John to Israel; three, Christ at Calvary; four, Peter to Israel; five, believer’s baptism; six, the Holy Spirit’s baptism; seven, the baptism of damnation.  In all cases we find the baptism to be a total immersion whether left in or brought out.  All picture the supernatural work of God.